Milly Wrote it

Currently learning in public how to be an Engineering Manager.

007. University or Kindergarten 🧒

What happens when you start treating your team like the adults they are?

006. Autonomy 👣

What does standing back and letting the team own the work actually mean?

005. Friends 👯‍♀️

If you’ve also recently transitioned to Engineering Manager from Individual Contributor you may find yourself in the precarious position of managing ex-peers and friends.

004. Hiring 👩‍💼

Everyone and their dog will tell you that hiring is hard in the tech industry. What if I told you the problem isn’t that it’s too hard… it’s that it’s too easy…

003. The Man 👴

With International Women’s Day upon us once more, I muse more about what transparency actually means…

002. Radiator ☢️

In the musical Hamilton, they sing about “being in the room where it happened”. As Engineering Manager, I’ve now finally found myself in “the room” where a lot of talk happens. Decisions get made, strategies are strategised and plans are hatched…

001. Transition 🦋

Life is all about change. I had never thought I would be a software engineer let alone an engineering manager…